About Us

Hi. We're Cody and Sheila

Together we are Sprice!

We are a husband/wife photography duo living in the Upstate of South Carolina.

 Sheila is a christian, wife, graphic designer, reality show junkie and popsicle enthusiast. She spends countless hours watching Bravo, editing photos, eating bowls of fruit all the while chating with her mother on the phone. She can also rub her tummy and pat her head. She loves that feeling after a photoshoot when she is looking through the photos and finds a photo that makes her heart skip a beat. Those are the moments that make this worth it.

Cody is a christian, husband, computer science major, video game player and a bacon enthusiast. He spends his free time playing video games, reading comic books and lots of other big books that Sheila would never read. He also loves puppy dogs, good wing sauces and a well made sandwich (that he didn't have to make - no mayo, please).

We are best friends and we want to be friends with you.
Email us at CodyandSheila@gmail.com if you want to be friends with us or to schedule a photoshoot.