Friday, July 8, 2011

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

July Special

We will be running a special through July.... $50 for 1 hour sessions! 

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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Today I threw down some cash for a photography workbook. I've been researching sites for a while and came across this workbook a few weeks ago but the sticker price threw me back. I wondered how the heck someone could charge so much for "tips" and forms but now I know. Today on, Skye put the book up for 50% off. I was so excited. I bought it right away and am so happy to have all of these files. It is going to help me so much. She literally just made me the most organized person I know.

She is having a big giveaway right now too.... you could win the workbook and get organized like me!

Shanta & Keniah - Maternity fotos

Last week we had the privilege of photographing Shanta and her baby bump. She is only 8 weeks away from meeting her new baby girl, Keniah. Shanta and Sheila met in 2007 while working at LaBastide at The Cliffs Communities....

Anyway...  There is  no doubt she will be a great mother. Sheila secretly hope she opens up a day care near us so Shanta can babysit for us one day! (no time soon though!)

These photos were taken at Freedom's Hill and downtown in Central, South Carolina.

I love this yellow brick wall.

Can't wait to meet the baby girl.

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Monday, June 13, 2011


Sunday afternoons in our house are normally pretty lazy. We usually end up on the couch watching Netflix (this month we're watching Prison Break), eating chips and salsa... (or a whole watermelon like I did yesterday) but this Sunday we got up early and went for a run in Clemson so I was full of energy. We decided to go out before the afternoon storm and take some practice shots. Here's the results.


This weekend we met up with my friend Amanda, the director of Admissions at Southern Wesleyan University and her daughter, Kate in Pendleton. We had a blast taking these photos. Like her mother, Kate has a great personality and was a ball of fun. She is the cutest thing.

Cody let her wear his glasses. I think is my favorite photo of the day!  

After the photoshoot, we had breakfast at the Village Bakery in downtown Pendleton, South Carolina. If you haven't ever been I would highly recommend stopping in for a visit. The bakery will blow your mind. It is such a gem in the middle of that small town.

here's a pic from my iphone that I took of some of the goodies they have...